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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Or is it Absynthe?)

July 21, 2008

This is supposed to be about getting married, going to France, moving to a new town, etc., but I lack the time and patience to explore that at this juncture.  Instead, here’s my usual (though sometimes useful and entertaining) bullshit about music I like.

Exploring YouTube today, I found two things I wasn’t looking for, which is always the best way to find anything.  

The first is a J Masic song that I, against all logic and credibility, prefer to most of the classic Dinosaur Jr. canon.  I love the slow-loose-Crazy Horse feel.  There’s some quiet backing vocals by Robert Pollard, not to mention an inspired video.

The second is a song by Bettie Serveert that I’d forgotten how much I liked.  Carol Van Dyk has a lot of Chrissie Hynde in her, and that’s a good thing.