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Young Drummer into Obtuse Time Signatures Cums in Pants!

July 24, 2008

It was a heady week for Rush fans everywhere.  They made their first American television appearance in some 30 years on, of all places, The Colbert Report.  This matters not one bit to most, but I was staying up all night listening to A Farewell to Kings with a death grip on the lyric sleeve when you were still shitting yourself.  Joking aside, I have a permanent soft spot for those Canadian lads no matter how cool I think I get.  Also, I’m glad I’m not alone in sucking at Rockband.  Enjoy.


Something off my Chest

April 5, 2008

I found the Yngwie Malmsteen video while watching and searching for live Kansas videos. There. Are you fucking satisfied? Now you know. I had forgotten how much I loved the singer. That dude is something. He’s like a forgotten fourth or fifth .38 Special guitarist.

“I had a dream / I had an awesome dream” – Lionel Richie (Late-20th Century Poet)

April 1, 2008

I woke up today knowing I’d had some kind of fucked up ridiculous dream, but it took most of the day to piece it together. Here’s what I can remember:

My lady, Barbara, and I are sitting on the couch with our friends, Phil and Sara (which actually happened on Saturday night.) We are watching television and I have the remote. I’m just randomly going through the channels trying to find something watchable when I stumble upon that culture-destroying monstrosity that is Bret Micheal’s Rock of Love, the VH1 reality show. I’ve seen maybe five or ten minutes of it before, and it made no impression other than illiciting a groan. In the dream, however, I was really into it because Bret was “going down” on all of the female constestants. One by one. All of them.

Sara was disgusted and cried out, “That’s so gross! Turn it! Turn it now!” but I wouldn’t or perhaps couldn’t. Phil just giggled. Barbara was physically trying to wrestle the remote from my grasp, but I fought her. After several minutes of this, Sara pulled Phil up and they left in a huff. Barbara told me to find somewhere else to sleep . As I remember it, that’s the end.

What do you think? And, no, it was not a “wet” dream.


Bonus Post: Malmsteen

March 28, 2008

I’d prefer not to admit how I stumbled across this. Yngwie, how could you? The orginal version is already over-the-top, man.

Bow before the Axer

March 23, 2008

This comes to us courtesy of J. Hessian, aka the Axer-Lickmaster Chopper-Beastmaster-Fretboard Bopper. He says it’s his new site. You be the judge.

P.S. The rumors are true: the Axer is brushing up on his piano “chop.” If Billy Joel and Blackie Lawless formed a band…

The Most Spectacular Thing I Have Ever Seen

February 8, 2008

I almost cried watching this. The classic arcade shit on youtube is fucking priceless. I need to quit my job and get my game skills back up to snuff.

Reconsidering Roth

January 25, 2008


Long has the debate raged on whether David Lee Roth is an idiot-savant or just an idiot. The illustrious Phil N. sent me this today. It will end the debate for you; I’m not sure which way.

Runnin’ with the Devil